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We just opened, stay tuned
We just opened, stay tuned

Delta 8 Squares (Cinna Crunch)

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Gooey marshmallow. Cinnamon sugar. Need we say more?

Sugar tapers but transforms the distinct warm flavor of cinnamon. Put that on toasted wheat flakes, add rice cereal, bind them with gooey melted marshmallows, and you're in for a delight.

And with 400mg of Delta-8 THC, it's not just the cinnamon that's getting mellowed out.

Delta-8 THC Squares (Cinna Crunch) with model Delta-8 THC Squares (Cinna Crunch) in hands

You've had edibles, but what about gourmet edibles?

We can't take all the credit for these Delta-8 cinnamon cereal edibles. We called in the professionals. Specifically, a locally-owned bakery in our home state of Texas.

Making edibles can be a hassle. Step away from the sticky pans and bite epicurean excellence. It's culinary prowess paired with lab-tested quality and consistency.

Delta-8 THC Squares (Cinna Crunch) with milk

Experience the bright embrace of Delta-8 THC.

A remarkable cannabinoid, Delta-8 has been known to promote creativity, tranquility, and even relief. But always remember that experiences may vary.

But does 400mg sound a bit much? No problem. This edible comes scored in quarters in a resealable bag to save some for later.

Delta-8 THC Squares (Cinna Crunch) cut up on table